MFP Action

MFP Vision

Pinball is an activity that appeals to people of all generations, from Beginners to Enthusiasts.  We aim to cultivate an appreciation for Pinball in the Monterey Bay area. 

MFP Mission

Monterey Flipper Pinball was formed to make Social and Competitive Pinball play available to more people in the Monterey Bay area; to increase the number of available Pinball Machines in the region; to grow interest in, and appreciation for, Pinball.

Monterey Flipper Pinball is funded through League Dues,Tournament Fees, Merchandise Sales and Donations.  Through the Stewardship of the MFP Board of Directors, the Dues go directly toward maintaining our League in the form of:


•Pinball Machine Service

•Pinball Machine Procurement

League Commissioner - Cary Carmichael

League Deputy Commissioner - Matthew Talley

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