Open to Anyone that played in an MFP League or Finale during the previous Calendar Year.

$25 Entry

Food supplied for all entrants.

This Event does Not earn IFPA Ranking Points.

This one is for Pride!

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MFP Annual Championships

MFP 2014 Championships

Champion - Augustine Meza

Runner-Up - Matthew Talley

MFP 2015 Championships

Champion - Michael Mattsson

Runner-Up - Jairo Picazo

MFP 2016 Championships

Champion - Philip Priddy

Runner-Up - Greg Friedman

MFP 2017 Championships

Champion - Tony Lavigna

Runner-Up - Greg Friedman

MFP 2018 Championships

Champion - Dexter Farm

Runner-Up - Lucy Cachux

MFP 2019 Championships

Find out January 4th, 2020