Register for the Tournament


Limited to 64 Pilots

Pre-registration in 2 Pilot Teams required

$20 per Player

Doors @ 11a / Take-Off @ 1p

Saturday March 23rd

Getting to the Venue - Important Details!

You’re going to MFP Headquarters, but you have to get past Police Blockades. Just pull up and sweetly explain that you are allowed to go down Moffett Street for a Pinball Tournament being held at Hobart. You may need to additionally explain that Moffett Street is suppose to be open up to Goodwill. If you have any issues, pull around to the 76 station and call Cary (310-482-1089) and he’ll bike out a pass for you.

General Rules for Flight School and Top Gun:

- 2 Pilot Teams face off in 4 Player Group Match Play

- Teammates' scores are added together

- Highest scoring Team wins that Game

- Initial Seeding is based on the average of the Teams' 2 Players' IFPA Ranking

- Ties at the end of each Round, for the final slot to advance, are split by Single Elimination on 1 Game. If an odd number of Ties exist (i.e. 3 or 5 Teams are tied), then a bye is given to the highest Initially Seeded Team

Flight School

- 32 Teams

- 6 Rounds

- 1 Game per Round

- Teams are Swiss Paired between Rounds

- Top 8 Teams go to Top Gun

Top Gun

- 8 Teams

- 3 Rounds

- 1 Game per Round

- Teams are Swiss Paired between Rounds

- Top 4 Teams go to Danger Zone

Danger Zone

- 8 Pilots

- Teams are now Split up - Every Pilot for themselves!

- Head to Head

- Single Elimination

- Slaughter Pairing based on Top Gun Seed

- 3 Rounds

- 3 Games per Round

Cash Prize!!!

- 1st Place Pilot  - 30% of the pot

- 2nd Place Pilot - 20% of the pot

- 3rd Place Pilot - 15% of the pot

- 4th Place Pilot - 10% of the pot

- 5th Place Pilot - 5% of the pot

Danger Zone Tre

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