Learn the games that you might play in League:

MFP League Machines

No Good Gofers (NGG)

Junkyard (JY)

Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

World Cup Soccer (WCS)

Indiana Jones 1993 (IJ’93)

Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC)

Visit these webpages for information on Pinball:

  1. ipdb.org - Wikipedia of Pinball Machines

  2. ifpa.com - International Flipper Pinball Association

  3. papa.org - Professional and Amateur Pinball Association

  4. pinballmap.com - Find Pinball on Route

  5. pinballnews.com - Latest in Pinball News

  6. pinside.com - Preferred Pinball Message Board

General Pinball Information

How To Play Pinball

Family Guy (FG)

High Speed II: The Getaway (HSII)

KISS (K’15)


Attack From Mars (AFM)

Batman Dark Knight (BDK)

Black Rose (BR)

Bobby Orr’s Power Play (BOPP)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (BSD)

Diamond Jack (DJ)

Dirty Harry (DH)

Harley Davidson 1999 (HD)

High Speed (HS)

Indiana Jones 2008 (IJ’08)

Jackbot (JB)

Metallica (MET)

Playboy ’78 (P’78)

Playboy ’02 (P’02)

Road Kings (RK)

Scared Stiff (SS)

Sopranos (S)

Spider-Man (SM)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG)

Star Trek ’13 (SST)

Star Wars: Episode 1 (SWE1)

Theatre of Magic (TOM)


Walking Dead (TWD)

White Water (WH20)

X-Men (XM)

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